Truly handmade

Using time tested manufacturing techniques we ensure that every fan is a handmade masterpiece.  Manufactured in INDIA, we have a unique NO MOQ requirement. We have customised designer fans for one room as well as 5 star resorts.

 Distributors and retail partners worldwide ensure your requirements are satisfied; no matter how small or big they are.

Solid wood blades

Choose from Solid teak wood, Oak wood, Beech wood blades, Aluminium or Wood finish aluminum and more.

Unlimited finishes

We have unlimited combinations you can imagine. Mix and match finishes to suit your style

Custom fan rods

We can customise the fan rod length to your ceiling height. So you don't have to worry while designing your space. We've got it all covered.

See it Yourself

What makes designer fans so alluring? We believe the answer is design and performance. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the customer. 

Your room, Your concept, Our fans. 

Go on – Customise yours now!

Designer fans, made in India

- Since 1947 -

Who we are

We are the owners of TULLU green pumps . Recognised for Quality and Performance across the country.

Why us

+ handmade with care in India

+ in-house research & development team

+ trusted by leading architects & designers

Where we are

+ 50% production exported worldwide

+ available throughout India 

How we are better

+ High Speed

+ High Air delivery unlike any imported designer fans

+ Customisation options with no MOQ’s

Our clients

Our work

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