Goan style modern villa with spectacular views

Situated in the sleepy village of Reis Magos in Bardez, Villa Kinara offers spectacular views of a river as chirping birds form a background score. This villa is designed in true-Goa style, the modern interiors of the villa are combined with a shack-like exterior.

The river and salty Goa air brings a great challenge, specially for spaces with large openings. The awarded design team at Hundredhands came to Windmill with this unique request. Multiple rooms consisted of multiple ceiling heights, slope roof mounts and salty winds. The ceiling fans have to bear all and yet perform effortlessly for the guests, that were sure to come by the dozen. 

The design was a traditional Goan house but the architect had to keep the decor Modern to cater to the clients and his guests tastes. Windmill Fan ASANA model was chosen for this project for is minimalistic and simple design, blending effortlessly with most design concepts. 

For rooms with limited fan space, TRIPOD pedestal were used, thus providing comfort to the guests and adding a design element to that space. 

Customisation taken up for the project. 

1. Custom length ran rods
2. Special fan caps called ALILA caps to give the fan a more modern feel
3. Double coating of rust preventive Pure Polyester powder coating.

Project Architects : Hundredhands

Fan used in this project

  • Asana Matt Black with Customised length fan rods.
  • Slope / Rake ceiling mounting accessories
  • Tripod pedestal fan in Antique bronze & Solid Wood