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Why use Brushless DC Fans ?

How do Brushless DC Fans Work ?

Brushless DC fans have an in-built network of permanent magnets that go hand-in-hand with the motor in order to create the force required to spin the blades, subsidising for lower power available. The permanent magnets save substantial energy to create the same level of ‘work’ as an AC fan, as AC fans have to create a Magnet through induction effect to work.

Complex Electronics circuits sense the position of the magnets and supply electric pulses to create an attraction/repulsion between the Rotor and Magnets; thus spinning the fan.

On high speed, AC fans consume about 60-120 watts, whereas DC fans generally use between 30-40 watts only.

Advantages of Brushless DC fans !
  1. Superior Energy Saving (70% over regular fans)
  2. Absolutely Silent
    • Brushless DC Motors consume only 30-35% of the energy to generate the same power as compared to Regular AC Motors
      Since there are Permanent Magnets, no Induction is required to create a magnet (hence Humming sound is not present)
  3. Longer Life
    • No heat is Generated in the fan, hence longer bearing life.
  4. More Speeds and high level of Convenience.
    • Since BLDC are computer controlled, we offer 6 speeds via Remote control. You also have to option to run the fan in Reverse (for Winters).

More models in Brushless DC (BLDC) technology

Generation DC              Mareilly                Stealth                Septer

Brushless DC Fan Important Notes & Tips

When you first turn on your fan it will rotate both ways. Don’t worry, it is not defective. This
is a normal process to get the motor started.

If you set your DC fan on high, it will start slow and gradually get to the speed you desire.If you change the speed, the fan will slowly set on new speed very accurately since the speed is controled electronically.

Only the supplied Remote can control the fan Speed. You cannot use wall controllers or any other Remote Speed Controller.

Control Electronics of Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC Control Electronics

Row of Permanent Magnets inside BLDC motors

Bruhless DC Rotor and Permanent magnets

Brushless DC vs. AC Power Losses

Brushless DC vs AC efficiency

Electronically Commutated (aka BLDC) motors have higher efficiencies than AC induction motors, in part because EC motors don’t experience slip between the rotor and stator rotating fields.
Image credit: H.C. Nye Co.

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