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Miraya Hotel, Bengaluru

Miraya Hotel, Bengaluru

Base Fan Model : ASANA

Customization undertaken for this project :  Alila Canopies, Teak wood blade finish, Weatherproof Coating on Wood blades, Long fan-rods

Architects : Hundredhands, Bengaluru

Inspired by the Zen-aesthetic of minimalism and precision, The Miraya Experience begins with the idea of looking forward to unexpected surprises. With this concept Windmill ASANA model was chosen as the base model, and customized to meet the different design requirements of the project.

  • New modern (Alila design) canopies were developed right from development of Dies and Tools.
  • To withstand the wind and damp air from the surrounding lake, Teak wood blades were given extra protection of Polyurethane.
  • Fan rods were made to exact length requirements of the project in a new paint finish called DEAD MATT BLACK.

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