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Dune Eco Village Resort & Spa, Puduchery

Dune Eco Village Resort & Spa, Puduchery

Base Fan Model : Colonia Ceiling Fan, Cabin/Wall Fan, Pedestal Fan

Customization undertaken for this project :  Brushed and Polished Aluminum Finish, Solid Teak wood blades with Weatherproof Coating, Long fan-rods

Architects : Mancini Enterprises, Chennai

The Dune Eco Village & Chopra Healing Center is an eco friendly beach resort in Puducherry sprawling across 35 acres of rich gardens and untouched nature, located just by the beach.

  • Colonial Ceiling fan models were supplied in multiple phases in special Polished Shine and Brushed Aluminum finish with no protective coats. This helped to being out the Natural weathered look in Aluminum due to the sea winds
  • To withstand the wind and damp air from the surrounding sea, Solid Teak wood blades were given extra protection of Polyurethane.
  • Fan rods were made to exact length requirements of the project.

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