Windmill Fans Intercontinental Mahabalipuram Hotel Project
Windmill Fans Intercontinental Mahabalipuram Hotel Project Windmill Fans AsaIntercontinental Mahabalipuram Hotel Project

The Intercontinental @ Mahabalipuram

The mega Intercontinental hotel project was entrusted to us by a Australian Architectural firm. They were confident in Windmill fans ability to supply fans for the complete project comprising of 217 fans

Base fan model selected : ASANA , ASANA Solid Teak wood blades

Multiple customizations were undertaken for this project.

  • We used Solid Teak wood blade  from wood logs imported from Burma (the best in the world) and multiple protective coats were provided to seal the beauty of this wood. Humongous fan of 1650 mm. (66 inch) sweep was specially developed for the High-End rooms of the property. Special blade mount brackets were designed to take the weight load of the Teak wood blades while the fan moved effortlessly to provide smooth air and comfort. 
  • 2025 mm. (81 inch) sweep one of a kind ceiling fan of large sweep was developed specially for One special room of the Hotel. 

Other projects using customized ASANA model

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