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Various fan accessories are available from Windmill Fans, to ensure complete fan customization.
From Wood Ceiling Mount to Rake mounts, custom length rods to Remote Controls.
Whatever the request maybe, we at Windmill are always ready to suit your needs.
Windmill Fan Regulator Accessory

5 Speed Regulator

Accessory available in Customised colors (solid state Choke type regulator) & Bakelite Knob.



3 Speed Remote Control

3 Speed IR Remote Control

Remote control suitable for use with all Ceiling fans. 3 Speed, Infra Red control and High Quality Capacitors for Extra life.


Fan Downrod

Custom Fan Rods

Accessory available in ANY Length and finish matching to your fan (length more than 6 feet in parts assembly required).



Flat Ceiling mount

Standard supplied Mount suitable for Fan Box & Hook fan mountings.



Raked Ceiling Mount Accessory

Raked Ceiling mount

Optional Fan mount with Ball & Bracket mount. Suitable for Raked Ceiling, Wood or Concrete ceiling where Fan box or Hook is not provided.

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